Who We Are

We Began As One

Palmetto Commercial Refrigeration Inc. had it's humble beginnings in 1974 when William C. Owens saw a need for a refrigeration installation contractor to install supermarkets in the southeast. Mr. Owens had plenty of experiance in the refrigeration field from the years he spent working for Dixie-Homes (later to be known as Winn-Dixie) as a refrigeration mechanic along side his father.

The years working with his father, installing and servicing supermarket refrigeration systems, gave Mr. Owens the knowledge and insight needed to start a company in the refrigeration field.

Water cooled condensing units built by Owens while working with Winn-DixieBuilding and installing water cooled condensing units while at Winn-Dixie, Mr. Owens became obsessed with quality workmanship. Quality in workmanship is what Palmetto became known for.

The first installation by Palmetto Commercial Refrigeration Inc. At this time the company consisted of one employee and a truck.

Over The Years

Palmetto Commercial Refrigeration Inc. moved out of Mr. Owens back yard and to it's present location, 6725 Augusta Road, Greenville South Carolina.

Palmetto Commercial Refrigeration Inc. 6725 Augusta Rd. Greenville SC 29605

where you can find us

The number of employee's, as well as their faces has changed over the years. Mr. Owens son, William C. Owens jr., is now the president, and Palmetto Commercial Refrigeration Inc. has expanded into sales, controls and many other businesses.

Employee's have come and gone over the years (and some for good reasons!) but the obsession with quality remains.


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